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February 20, 2018

Personalities: Tricksters Vs. Wizards Vs. Fairy Godmothers

By Dr. Richard Boyum

In each of our personalities, there exist many different components or parts. This article is meant to help you look at your dark side, or trickster, and your all-knowing well-intended side or inner-mentor.

Tricksters are part of an ongoing curse. They constantly sabotage your well-intended behavior. A trickster is like a vampire. To de-energize it, you must only become aware of it and expose it to the light. It is then no longer empowered. In each one of us there is also a wise inner-mentor, a wizard or fairy godmother that is there to help us make choices that are in our best interest to achieving our goals. Wizards and fairy godmothers are really a strong sense of positive intuition. They only want good for us.

As you struggle with a problem, ask yourself the question, "As I look for solutions, is the voice I'm hearing in my head that of my inner mentor, or the voice of my trickster?" Sometimes it helps to listen to both voices, to stand back and let them communicate with each other, and ask yourself the question, "Now what is this about?" It is also important to realize that the trickster has gained its power by once helping you and protecting you from something long ago. That skill has long been used up. You can express appreciation to your trickster for what it did at one point, but let it know that it is not needed now. By turning to your inner-wizard or your inner fairy godmother, you're much more likely to have experiences that go positively for you. In paying attention to your inner voices, you just need to know and identify which inner voice is speaking and which you choose to pay attention to.