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February 20, 2018

Coming Home To Your Real Self: A Guided Imagery Exercise

By Dr. Richard Boyum

I want you to imagine that you see a small child approaching you from some distance. As the child moves closer and closer, step by step, you realize that it is yourself as a child. I want you to notice that the child is smiling. I want you to imagine yourself smiling back. Notice the age at which you see yourself as a child. I want you to take a brief moment and imagine the things you know the child that is you needs to hear. Maybe these are things they need to hear again, maybe these are things that were never said…messages that are important, profound, full of meaning.

Now please take the time to say all of those things to that child. Look at the reaction as the child hears those extremely important and valued words. I now want you to reach out and embrace the child that is you. As you do so imagine that an extraordinary thing happens, that you are literally taking that child into your heart, that they become a part of you…and in your heart they feel safe and secure in having heard all of the things that they need to know to feel safe, to trust, to be autonomous and to initiate risks. This child is in essence your real self, the part of you that is genuine, spontaneous, honest, intuitive and knows what your needs are. Communicate with it often and you will continue to learn important things about yourself.