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February 20, 2018

Pendulum Technique

By Dr. Richard Boyum

This technique is used to help clients become aware of subliminal intuitive responses to various questions. Materials needed include a weighted object that can be hung from a string or a necklace. Ask the client to balance their elbow on their knee and to hold the weighted object between their thumb and forefinger. Next, clients are asked to respond to find responses to definite yes, no, and I don't know questions. A weighted pendulum has a limited number of subliminal movement directions available to it. It can move back and forth, side-to-side, diagonal in both directions, remain stationary or have a clockwise or counterclockwise circle. Usually within ten or fifteen minutes clients can develop set yes, no, and I don't know responses. Have them ask the pendulum questions like "Is it now daytime?", "Is it now nighttime?" then ask some obvious I don't know questions. With practice, responses should become quite marked, tell clients they are not to consciously move the weighted pendulum in any direction. When responses have been developed the pendulum can be used to help clients deal with issues or questions that they verbally cannot find responses to. Questions involving relationships and career direction seem to particularly be responsive to this technique.