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February 20, 2018

Peace Of Mind Versus Chaos - Counseling Approach

By Dr. Richard Boyum

As counselors we often know that behind any client's content issues are more basic but often less visible process issues. These occur for not only individuals but for families as well. One of the basic process issues that needs to be identified with is the issue of "Peace of Mind versus Chaos".

Clients need to be educated to examine whether or not a particular behavior or action is enhancing their peace of mind or their chaos. This process can be looked at in terms of both short term and long term behavior patterns. When presented with such an idea, almost all clients (individuals, couples, or families)will consciously choose peace of mind over chaos. This subtle questioning of direction is really a directive that enhances the client's growth. By becoming more aware of such categories of behavior such as peace of mind and chaos, clients have a road map that they can use between sessions to move their lives in positive directions. In determining the limits of their responsibilities they can also see how someone else's behavior might be generating chaos of peace of mind. See if this dichotomy continuum might not enhance your understanding of a client's issue or the positive behavioral changes that we all hope for in each of those individuals we serve.