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December 18, 2017

No Soap Operas

By Dr. Richard Boyum

Scott Pack in the book The Road Less Travelled starts his first chapter with an impactful sentence "Life is Difficult." I have never had a client who did not agree with that sentence. After listening to a student's problems, I often ask the individual I am working with for a commitment. That is a commitment to not let their life become a soap opera or subject matter for a TV talk show.

Soap operas belong on television, they should not be part of our every day lives. The same holds true for most topics on TV talk programs. This simple little directive can be used to help prevent a client/student from participating in destructive behaviors. I have often had people return to a session saying "when I was about to do X or Y, I heard myself say 'no soap operas' and stopped the behavior." Such simple and yet concrete directives can have profound effects on behaviors that people choose. See if this process doesn't work as well for you.