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February 20, 2018

A Metaphor (Corn)

By Dr. Richard Boyum

Recently a client came in with two typical issues presented by college students. He was in a relationship and he wanted to know how it was going to turn out. He also was in the middle of his college career and just, in his own words, “Feels like he really needs to know what type of job his major will get him”. I told him to think about the following: The two problems that you have presented are a lot like corn. There is a lot of corn between the university here and the home you live in. The amount of yield that corn produces is dependent upon a variety of factors; rain, fertilizer and temperature are just a few. But more importantly, the corn between this university and where you live has a maturity date of 100 days.

No matter what other factors occur to affect yield, corn takes 100 days to mature no matter what you do. I would like you to think about the outcome of your relationship and the outcome of your college career as being somewhat like the corn. You can change the yield by what you do but the outcome more than anything else just takes time. The answers to your questions about relationship and career have components that are time bound. You are going to have to wait to let time give you the answer.”