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February 20, 2018

Cremation-Transformation-Metamorphosis: Letting Go

By Dr. Richard Boyum

Often in our lives we have a difficult time of letting go of something. Sometimes we may even use the words that we are being held back. This exercise or activity will help you in changing the way you deal with something and freeing you up to put your energies to more productive - constructive use. It is important to remember when we change a symbol, we change that thing which it represents. The title of this exercise focuses on that concept. Remember that energy, in any of its forms, can neither be created nor destroyed, it only can be altered. This is a principle of the universe.

Place on a piece of paper that which you wish to let go of at this point in your life. You might choose to make a rather detailed list of very specific kinds of things that relate to an experience or person that you wish to resolve - dissolve. You may also choose to create a symbolic representation for the thing or things that you wish to transform. When the list or representation has been developed, work on this material until as well as you can you have put the material to memory. Next find a container that may have special meaning to you. A piece of ceramic might be appropriate but any bowl or dish may do. Find a quiet place or time to do the next part of the exercise. You may choose to do it alone or you may choose a significant other to be with you during this experience.

When you feel ready, take a match and light the piece of paper that carries those experiences or situations that you wish to let go of. Place it in the bowl and let it burn until it has become ash. As you watch this experience, realize that matter is being transformed, that literally what you have placed on the piece of paper is going up in smoke (know that smoke in many religions has a very sacred connotation). Then once the ash is cooled, using your fingers, break it up into as small pieces as possible. Some individuals will choose to put this ash in a very small container and keep it. Other individuals may choose to distribute the ash in a certain place. Some individuals find it acceptable to simply release the ash in a convenient place.

Know that this exercise has powers with symbolic meaning. For some individuals the change will become apparent almost immediately, for others it may take some time. Remember when you change the symbol for something, you change what it actually represents. This empowering exercise will allow for that which matters to be changed in a way that is very helpful to you. The transformation and metamorphosis of who you are can be aided by this type of cremation exercise.