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February 20, 2018

Counselors as Coaches

By Dr. Richard Boyum

I often think of myself as a coach, rather than a counselor. Perhaps that is because I have been a coach and I've been an athlete. Perhaps it is a way of looking at counseling from a slightly different perspective. Here are 10 ways I consider the role of counseling and coaching to be similar. I will define them from the perspective of the counselor as a coach.

1. The goal of the coach/counselor is to motivate those they work with.

2. The role of the counselor/coach is to help to find personal goals and to help the individual reach them.

3. It is important for the counselor/coach to help the students they work with learn from their mistakes.

4. The counselor/coach helps the student realize that they are part of a team and they must be considerate of others.

5. One of the roles that a counselor/coach plays is to help students realize that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, in spite of your best efforts.

6. The counselor/coach realizes that they are a catalyst. The main focus is the client they work with.

7. The coach/counselor realizes that there are fundamentals that must be taught and implemented. At the same time, there are times when it is appropriate for the student to realize they must create their own opportunities.

8. The coach/counselor helps students realize that there are rules that must be followed, and that the game must be played fairly.

9. The counselor/coach teaches you must adjust to each situation you find yourself in. You cannot expect things to remain the same.

10. The coach/counselor teaches that pride comes from always attempting to do as well as you can, and helping the student realize that at some point the game will be over. Therefore, it is important to enjoy the opportunities you have while they are there.

See if these ideas might not fit for you in your role as a counselor/coach. You may find additional examples that you can add to this list.