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December 18, 2017

Big versus Small

By Dr. Richard Boyum

I sometimes ask clients to think on a given day how big or small they feel. Imagine yourself as a small child and then as an adult. Think of how a German shepherd appears differently if you are two or if you are twenty-two. Problems can be perceived as large or small, depending upon how big or small you feel. This type of insight can help individuals who are struggling with self esteem issues. Understand why they can be overwhelmed by a problem that does not impact others in the same way. I often use the same model to talk about what I call the Boo Effect.

Some people simply react stronger to events than do others. For example, if you walk into what you think is an empty room and someone is there to scare you and go Boo! Some people jump to a significant degree and may even scream. Other people may only tense up and ask the question, "Why did you do that? Some people are sometimes hardwired differently and/or have had experiences that predominate them, but that predispose them to respond differently to the Boo Effect. See if sharing this idea with your clients might not be helpful and them understanding and/or modifying their own behaviors.